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At Home Bound LLC we specialize in REO services ranging from inspections of residential properties to recurring lawn maintenance.

Home Bound LLC was founded in 2008 by Angela Hughes and is currently one of the region’s best-known companies for quality property preservation and inspection services. Home Bound LLC provides concise information pertaining to the occupancy status and condition of residential properties for banks and mortgage companies.

What separates us from the competition is our honesty and integrity in our business dealings makes us unique. We strive to build long-term relationships

We have operation managers and trained subcontractors in specific areas of Alabama, Kentucky, Southern Indiana, Tennessee, Louisiana and Texas. We can handle large volumes and emergency work orders in these areas.


  • Member of NAMFS
  • Member of SOFI
  • Accredited with the BBB
  • Certified Minority Owned Business
  • Certified Women Owned Business.

*Licensed & Insured

Contact us to learn more about our services at (502) 408-7255 or email us at